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Narrowed Ball Joint Beam for Low Bays 68-80

Air Front Beam (King and Pin)
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Air Front Beam (King and Pin)

Price: £850.00


Three years of development & testing went into the world’s first brand new narrowed beam designed specifically for air bag installation.
Working from a blank sheet of paper, we designed this beam to overcome all the safety problems an airbag installation can bring.

Built to the same high standard as our tried and tested  standard WEEDEATER beams, the AIRBAG WEDEATER Is totally unique featuring inboard bag mounts. This is the only place to safely fit bags as outboard, there is not enough clearance to cater for expansion of the bag and clearance of the tire. Most importantly, it overcomes the extreme danger of trying to fit air bags or hydraulics to that standard weak 12mm lower shock mount.  (It was not designed to carry weight.) 

 The air bags  drive two levers that are attached to the lower spring. As the airbag inflates the lever is pushed down thus raising the bus.  The two air bags are far enough apart to still offer true independent suspension and as a result it is possible to tilt the bus to either left or right by inflating one side and deflating the other.

Construction utilises CNC laser technology and high quality materials throughout  allowing us to offer  what  we believe to be the most  advanced early type two system on the planet.

Safety Warning

The most important thing to understand about air suspension is that you do not drive with it deflated and raise it to go over kerbs and speed bumps.  It works the other way round. You only ever drive it inflated at  the bags "installed height".  A bag will lift a car to the installed height with as little as 50 psi. After this point the bag will not lift higher it will just get harder and harder as more air goes in. It’s this fact that allows you to fine tune the ride of your bus to suit you. Image the bag as a spring that you control the rate. You can make it rock solid or soft as you wish.  The only time you can get away with driving the bus deflated, is at a show ground  at  little more than walking speed. 

It is the installer’s responsibility to check that when deflated, you have sufficient clearance for all moving and rolling parts.  Our system was designed to be used with stock spindles so that if for any reason there was a system failure, you would have sufficient tire clearance between tire and cab floor. If you use dropped spindles, you should tub your arches to give enough clearance and "C" your chassis for tie rod clearance.  Creative Engineering accepts no liability for  damage or injury caused  through poor installation or lack of experience and foresight on the part of  the installer. 

It is worth noting that we use front airbags on the front of our system !  Others use rear bags of the rolling sleeve type, on the front. These bags not only will not carry the loads of a dedicated front bag,  they also  offer a less stable ride.  All the major Air ride companies print in their catalogues and web sites not to use these low load rolling sleeve bags on front end applications ,  yet  so called "VW Air specialists", take no notice.   

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