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Rock n Roll Seat Bed
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Rock n Roll Seat Bed

Price: £350.00

We have been building seat beds for over 10 years and have tried various styles but this one is not only the best we have ever made,  we are certain its the best available anywhere.

Most seat beds fall down on two things. Firstly the mounting framework and secondly the base boards and their lack of support.  Our bed  has a  four piece steel mounting base  like no other. When assembled it forms  a completly rigid base for the hinges and seat back and base to mount on.  It is so solid that seat belts can be mounted directly to it.  No floppy bits of MDF here ! With the hinges and seat back and base frames installed, you will find your seat bed is smooth and easy to convert from seat to bed and back again.  It offers stacks of storage within its base that can be accessed just by hinging the base upwards. The seat comes with MDF base and back boards cut to size and ready to screw to the steel support structure.  


This Rock and Roll Seat bed  is designed to sit  centrally in the back of your bus on our recomended flooring *.   It is 1455mm overall width with a cushion width of 1330mm.  When it is converted to a bed, it will give you almost 6 feet  of length to lie on.  It is designed to have 4" thick medium density foam used for the back, base and rear parcel shelf (not included). One of our customers  tested this bed at Glastonbury with two, yes two girlfriends, and all parties said it was a great night  with no bending of the framework !  This seat  is constructed from steel and has been acid etched and powder coated in satin black.  It can also be upholstered or painted if it is keyed  well. Its assembly time should be about  3-4 hours. 


This seat bed does not include foam cushions and will need to be upholstered.

* This seat  is designed to sit on top of approx 16-18mm of flooring. We always lay 9mm of plywood or MDF on top of the steel floor, followed by either laminate flooring or thick carpet adding approx another 9mm.

For fitting instructions click HERE 

To watch our seat bed demonstration video click HERE

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